Table spoon Lingo protect WMF 0000246124

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Lingo protect
21 cm
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Finally, something at which the time leaves no trace . Cutlery Cromargan protect ® is extremely resistant to any kind of wear. After intensive research WMF has succeeded in refining Cromargan ® so that it is more resistant to scratches than normal stainless steel. Intense use and constant cleaning in the dishwasher can not damage Cromargan protect ® . Polished surfaces stay shiny, a matt finish stays matt . The cutlery looks after years of flawless - almost like the first day . Cromargan protect ® - a brilliant innovation, internationally patented and only from WMF. The film provides the evidence . In conventional cutlery showed in the test after a few test runs clear marks and deep scratches . The surface of cutlery, Cromargan protect ® remained virtually flawless even with long testing phases. A piece of cutlery with a strong presence. The strict centerline and the gently curved cross-section result in an exciting connection and give Lingo power and elegance. The visual impression is confirmed when you take the cutlery in hand. The curved back gives a pleasant feel. Balanced proportions for a perfect balance. The highly polished surface is interesting reflections mirror.
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Cromargan protect® polished dishwasher safe and rustproof Polished surfaces stay shiny, matt finish stays matt extremely resistant to all signs of wear and tear International patents - only from WMF scratch resistant