Knife block 6 pcs Vier Sterne Zwilling 0000277286

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Vier Sterne
1 paring knife (8 cm), 1 larding and garnishing knife (10 cm), 1 meat knife (16 cm), 1 chef's knife (20 cm), 1 sharpening steel, 1 block
5 kg
The quality and versatility of the 6-piece knife block from ZWILLING are appreciated by professionals and hobby chefs alike. A successful combination of precision, innovation and ergonomics ensures that you succeed exactly in important work steps such as cutting up, chopping and slicing numerous ingredients. One reason for this is the FRIODUR® blades, which are forged from a single piece of high-quality steel. The additional refinement makes them corrosion-resistant, flexible and capable of cutting. Best cutting properties are a matter of course with the knives from the ®FOUR STARS series - because it is rightly considered one of the best-selling knife series worldwide. The knife block in natural look contains a paring knife, a larding and garnishing knife, a chef's knife and a meat knife and keeps them safe, clean and accessible at all times. The sharpening steel, which is also included, allows you to resharpen the blades yourself if necessary. Thanks to the ergonomically shaped handles made of seamless solid plastic, the knives can be held and guided precisely and comfortably. At the same time, the bolster ensures the optimal balance of each knife. With the 6-piece knife block from ZWILLING you acquire high-quality masterpieces of the art of cutting that will enrich your kitchen in a professional and versatile way.
-friodur® eisgehärtete klinge für besonders lange haltbarkeit der schneide und korrosionsbeständigkeit. -rostfreier spezialstahl, zwilling sonderschm