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  • Cooking with love

    Cooking with love

    Cooking with the family or with friends is more than just preparing a meal. It means spending time together in good company and the conscious eating of healthy meals. We have everything you need to prepare your delicious meals.
  •  Baking is fun!

    Baking is fun!

    How to spend the time together with his loved ones? How about a common baking or cooking project. We have everything around the topic Bake for you! Check it out.
  •  New ideas for your kitchen

    New ideas for your kitchen

    If you like color, this is the right place. We have many fancy, but also classic dishes and porcelain series in trendy colors. Take a look inside !
  • Baking for everyone

    Baking for everyone

    Both large and small bakers have much pleasure in the preparation of sweet and savory treats. We have the right equipment for you.
  •  Oven mitt double black Le Creuset

    Oven mitt double black Le Creuset

    Protect your hands with this oven mitt from heat in your kitchen. It`s made out of 100% cotton, heat resistant and won`t let steam through. So you have a maximum heat protection, when you lift hot pots or oven dishes, to sit them on your table.
    EUR 39.00EUR 27.95 incl. VAT
  •  Knife block 6 pcs Vier Sterne Zwilling
    Free shipping

    Knife block 6 pcs Vier Sterne Zwilling

    The quality and versatility of the 6-piece knife block from ZWILLING are appreciated by professionals and hobby chefs alike. A successful combination of precision, innovation and ergonomics ensures that you succeed exactly in important work steps such as cutting up, chopping and slicing numerous ...
    EUR 309.00EUR 115.00 incl. VAT
  •  Lunchbox "Endure" Gefu

    Lunchbox "Endure" Gefu

    Reusable with added value. The longer you can use a product, the better for the environment. GEFU consciously relies on long-lasting reusable products that help avoid plastic waste and conserve valuable raw material and energy resources. Thanks to their long shelf life, there is no need to ...
    EUR 39.95EUR 33.95 incl. VAT
  •  Burger-Set BBQ 3pcs. Gefu

    Burger-Set BBQ 3pcs. Gefu

    Set consists of burger press, burger ringmould and burger cocktail stick. For your perfect burger 100% home made!
    EUR 32.39EUR 19.95 incl. VAT
  •  pot set 5 pieces original-profi collection Fissler
    Free shipping

    pot set 5 pieces original-profi collection Fissler

    EUR 795.00EUR 429.00 incl. VAT
  •  Food mill "Flotte Lotte" multifunctional incl. 3 straining discs Gefu

    Food mill "Flotte Lotte" multifunctional incl. 3 straining discs Gefu

    The Original! Quickly and perfectly prepare ready to eat soups, sauces, jam, and puree or baby food for the little ones with FLOTTE LOTTE! The FLOTTE LOTTE is the ultimate classic kitchen tool for straining and grating fruits and vegetables! Developed by GEFU and equipped with the patented ...
    EUR 69.95EUR 49.90 incl. VAT
  •  Crêpes pan Ø28cm Chefs & Co.

    Crêpes pan Ø28cm Chefs & Co.

    The food-safe pan for crepes is made of non-stick cast aluminum with plastic handles and is suitable for all types of stoves (including induction). It has a bottom thickness of approx. 5 mm and a material thickness of approx. 2.2 mm.
    EUR 24.99 incl. VAT
  •  Set of knives 2 pcs. Life Zwilling
    Free shipping

    Set of knives 2 pcs. Life Zwilling

    Zwilling Life - Modern & elegant
    EUR 103.90EUR 67.95 incl. VAT
  •  Waterkettle Kone cerise Le Creuset
    Free shipping

    Waterkettle Kone cerise Le Creuset

    Nothing beats the tempting aroma of freshly brewed tea or coffee. Elevate your everyday ritual with this stylish stovetop kettle. Crafted from enamelled steel, it adds a vibrant pop of colour to your home. And when your water’s ready, it whistles!
    EUR 95.00EUR 61.70 incl. VAT
  •  Balti Dish 24cm cerise Signature Le Creuset
    Free shipping

    Balti Dish 24cm cerise Signature Le Creuset

    Inspired by oversized cast iron ovens dating back hundreds of years in Europe, the Goose Pot is the largest cooking vessel made by Le Creuset. With its deep sidewalls and secure lid, the Goose Pot locks in heat and moisture to fully cook even the largest stuffed birds. While it may be a less ...
    EUR 145.00EUR 129.95 incl. VAT

Geschirr, Besteck und Haushaltswaren von Firma Kaefer Sohren

Überzeugen Sie sich von unserer großen Produktauswahl rund um das Thema Haushaltswaren, Gläser und Porzellan. Lernen Sie unsere Küchenwelt kennen: Finden Sie das ideale Küchenequipment zum Aufbewahren, Backen, Braten und Kochen. Hochwertige Kochtöpfe und Auflaufformen von namenhaften Herstellern wie WMF, BAF, Le Creuset und SUS werden Ihnen das Kochen am Herd erleichtern. Egal ob Sie sich für Keramik, Emaile oder rostfreien Edelstahl entscheiden, auf die Qualität unserer Haushaltswaren legen wir ein besonderes Augenmerk.

Porzellan und Porzellangeschirr

Alles für den gedeckten Tisch: Unsere Porzellanserien von Rosenthal, Thomas Porzellan und Villeroy & Boch werten Ihren Tisch passend zum Anlass auf. Egal ob Sie nach einer Porzellantasse, Teekanne oder Porzellanteller suchen im Kaefer Onlineshop werden Sie fündig. Setzten Sie farbliche Highlights mit dem bunten Porzellan von Thomas Porzellan. Sie bevorzugen ein weißes Porzellanservice, dann liegen Sie mit Villeroy & Boch Gold richtig. Die Porzellanserien von Rosenthal zieren schöne Ornamente.